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For your convenience; fitness workouts online & in person so you always have the choice.  

Curtis Family FITTALK


Through faith, hard work and perseverance, the Curtis family lost a combined weight of 340 lbs and found their purpose in helping others. 

It starts with Y.E.S.

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IN Person OR Online.

Our studio classes stream live so you can feel the heat wherever you are. 

In Person Classes

Online Classes


Our head trainers work hard to create exercises right for you. 

HERE First

Hear what our clients have to say about their workouts and their experiences.

I simply cannot say enough positive things about Wendy and Kevin! My experience has been nothing short of amazing!

My daughter-in-love (to be) and I went to a Bungee class for the first time at the end of 2021. We were both nervous and a bit intimidated upon arrival but that all that went away immediately with Wendy’s warm welcome. I was starting a fitness routine two years post chemo and knew I had zero stamina. I honestly expected to try it, be unsuccessful, and go on with my life. Instead, I fell in love with BUNGEE FITNESS! 

Since Wendy provides three different levels of difficulty, I was immediately able to do level one and start seeing results. I only went two days a week for a three-month period initially and lost 15 pounds. I didn’t even measure inches that early on, but I knew I lost inches as well by how my clothes started fitting. 

Until additional health and surgeries got in the way, I went to Bungee for eight months once or twice a week and never felt better in my entire life. Bungee made me feel better mentally as well as physically, and even spiritually with Wendy and Kevin’s dedication to God. I suddenly had more energy and felt capable of tackling my everyday life.

Making the conscious decision to work with Wendy was easier than expected and long reaching. At first, it was simply to add physical activity. Though I had already been working on my nutrition for some time, the changes I implemented, particularly using the fasting suggestions they made, changed everything. 

One thing I learned was I wasn’t eating enough! I had such a poor appetite, but I trusted Wendy’s advice and started seeing positive results, even while eating more! I would leave class starving since my metabolism was running so high. I remember checking my calorie burn from the beginning of class until the following morning at one point- and to my utter shock I had burned 4000 calories! 

I have been able to make small changes to my daily routine that have brought me some incredible results. I can see the difference in my appearance, have built my stamina back up, started gaining muscle, and have lost a substantial amount of weight and inches I feel like a newer, and younger, me! 

At the one-year mark, I was 50 LBS DOWN! 

This family is the real deal! They have provided support and encouragement, laughed with me, occasionally cried with me, and completely kicked my butt with those advanced routines! And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Wendy and Kevin have helped me transform my body into the new me and made a positive impact on my life overall. I still have some work to do and milestones to reach but they provided the tools to implement changes that will last me a lifetime. 


Marisa Montoya

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