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Spirit, Mind and Body.


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Specializing in INFERNO

My name is Kevin Curtis, and I am a devoted husband, father and Fitness Instructor who first used a God-given fitness plan to help transform my health and my family's health that brought about a total of combined weight loss of over 340 pounds!


I have lost 75 pounds personally and channeled my newfound love of fitness into bodybuilding competitions. I was so grateful to take home 2nd place in my first year, and I came back even stronger in year two to take home 1st place Men’s classic Physique.


My passion is to help people feel better on the inside and out and for you to live a more functional and balanced life. My specialty is Inferno Fitness where I use simplistic full body workouts that cater to any and all fitness levels. I am also a Bungee Fitness Instructor where I combine fun with weights! 


My family's lives have been completely transformed, and I am so excited to help all that I can not just change their body but the health of the whole man. God has created you to live a life of freedom in Spirit, Mind, and Body! Join us, and start enjoying life.



Specializing in BUNGEE

My name is Wendy Curtis! I had never desired to be a fitness trainer, yet here I am absolutely loving it. I had always struggled with my weight, but after my youngest son was born, I could not get away from those dreaded diets. I was ready to give up on my goals, BUT GOD! After God changed my mindset, I was shocked when the rest of my weight fell off in half the time by having FUN. I lost a total of 115 pounds! 


I got into Bungee Fitness in 2019 but found that those bungees did not support people of all shapes and sizes! My husband and I decided we needed to do something about this and have been able to help hundreds of people in the process. Our classes have no weight limit or size restriction! We want everyone to have FUN and feel better throughout their journey, so we have done our best to come up with the most simple and effective ways for people to live their best life.


Our family has been blessed to be on the cover of FITTALK Magazine, participate in radio shows, and even competed on Family Feud. God has taken us on a wildly beautiful journey, and it has brought us here to Conway, Arkansas. We are so excited to get to know you all and help reach YOUR fitness goals. We are dedicated to helping the




Specializing in FLEXIBILITY

My name Kolby Curtis, and I am a trainer with Y.E.S Bungee. I’m a black belt in Karate, and after my weight loss transformation, I also competed in bodybuilding competitions. My love of fitness continues to grow, and I can't believe I get to have this much fun while helping people! I love to teach flexibility, functional movements, and Tricking, which is a form of gymnastics with kicks, twists and dances. 


I train people in all of our Y.E.S. Bungee classes, but my heart lies with teaching flexibility. I know that through Christ, we can do all things, and I believe my family and I were sent here to help people reach their goals without being miserable through the process. I want you to live the best life possible, and I’m so excited to bring this joy to Arkansas!



Specializing in SHRED

My name is Maverick Curtis. I am a semi-professional umpire working my way up the MLB chain. I got invited to Elve8 baseball in Del Ray Beach in Florida in my senior year of high school and had the HONOR of playing for some of the greats like Luis Alicea, Todd Moser, and Walley Horsman, just to name a few. The knowledge that was poured into me during that experience is something I will never forget, and I love to share that inspiration with others. 


I give private baseball lessons, and I LOVE being a trainer at Y.E.S. Bungee. Although I have tons of fun teaching our bungee and inferno classes, my main focus is Shred. I'm excited to show Arkansas a simple, effective way to lose weight, tone up, and live their best life without suffering through the process. Let's have fun!


Our Mission


Get to Know Us

Our mission as a devoted family is to help transform the “Whole Man” by giving simple, easy and effective ways to exercise at any level. We desire to make fitness fun and to improve your physical and mental well being. We strive for excellence and seek to produce a positive experience to help you live your best life.

Are you ready to take the next step? Join us!

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